Why Elite Mind Athlete

"The gap is where greatness is found"

Welcome to Elite Mind Athlete, Where Champions Are Forged
We don't do 'good' at Elite Mind Athlete; we do elite. Our mission is simple: we turn aspiring athletes (aged 14+) into ruthless, relentless, and unstoppable forces in the game.
What's the Secret? The GAP.
The GAP isn't for everyone; it's where average athletes fall short and the elite rise. It's the battleground of champions, a realm where you either sink or swim. The GAP is where character is born, discipline is bred, and winners emerge.
In simpler terms, it's about doing the things no one tells you to do. We're talking about the relentless, nitty-gritty details - the early mornings, the extra reps, the hours spent perfecting your game when everyone else is taking it easy.
The Elite Mind Athlete Difference
Sure, every athlete might say they want it. They lace up, show up, and play the game. But here's where we depart from the rest. We do the work when they clock out. It's the distinction between stating intent and making an unwavering commitment to excellence.
The Results 
We don't just train athletes; we transform them. We're not about the ordinary; we're about the elite. We don't just double your effort; we 10x your productivity. We don't merely build muscle; we craft bigger, stronger, and more mentally resilient athletes who not only handle the physicality’s of the field but the mental pressure, stress and anxiety that comes with the next level. 

Founder Head Coach J Mercado


Growing up, I didn't have the means to play youth sports, but I didn't let that stop me. I excelled in school sports by using my determination to outwork everyone else. However, after graduating, I faced the same reality as many others in my community: sports were no longer an option. For eight years, I pursued a traditional career path, but the burning desire to pursue something great never left me. With a family of four boys, an amazing wife, and four jobs, I chased my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The journey was tough, filled with failure after failure, constantly living in sink or swim moments, consistently fighting through fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

However, when I hit rock bottom, I discovered a self-development book that transformed my life forever. I became obsessed with learning from the greatest elite athletes, thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Through over 10,000 hours of self-development, certifications, and courses, I developed "The Elite Grind Systems." These systems help youth athletes learn to optimize their day by building routines, rituals, and rules to win their day. The system touches on the four pillars that are necessary to separate from the competition and excel to their fullest potential: physical growth, mental toughness, high performance, and character building.

As the Founder and Head Coach, I believe that the magic happens when work is done in the unseen gaps. Join me on this journey towards greatness, and let's operate in the gaps that set us apart from the competition.

ISSA nutritioN COACH | Personal Trainer | Mindset coach 


Coach J is both a teacher and a mentor for his athletes. He allows them to grow and learn from both their successes and failures. Gabriel has been experiencing tremendous growth both mentally and physically under Coach J’s guidance. If you want your athlete to have the knowledge and have nutritional success needed for their future Coach J is the perfect fit. He is constantly learning and never settles, thats what I love about having Gabriel learn from him.

Jonathan has been a great mentor/coach to my son. He has taught the family so much when it comes to nutrition and what it takes mentally to succeed in our goals. I have seen a big change in my son when it comes to what he feeds his body and his mind. He has been dedicated and more motivated than ever to reach his goals in becoming a better athlete but also understanding the importance of nutrition. He is the best nutrition coach and I definitely recommend you give him a try!

Coach J knows what he is talking about. He has help me set up goals, make a plan, and holds me accountable week after week. If I struggle then we can connect, problem solve, and move forward. Each week I feel mentally and physically like I’m progressing towards my goals. 

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Coach J has helped me immensely these past 6 months not only in the nutritional aspect, but also on my mindset and character. I’ve been able to add 30lbs to my frame, see adversity as opportunity and I’m improved my confidence in and out for the game. 

Changing one athlete at a time

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